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call center headphones on keyboard, featured on purchasing a market research solution, in order to get the most value from your investment, you need to evaluate your usage. But, how do you optimize your platform most effectively? Whether you have a subscription-based solution or a buy-by-the-slice platform, you need to fully understand its features and how to take advantage of them. That is why at, we have multiple Application Specialists who work closely with our platform customers to ensure you are optimizing your usage and the solution's features to reach the highest potential value for your business.

Here are some of the specific ways our Application Specialists can help you:

1. A partner in research assistance.

Investing in a market research solution, such as Knowledge Centers or, opens the door to vast amounts of business intelligence. But, navigating through so much information can be daunting and time consuming. Our Application Specialists work with clients to provide research assistance, inlcuding locating hard to find data points and confirming report contents. They also provide helpful usage statistics and offer alert and search strategy suggestions in order to help your overall research efforts.

2. A source of data clarification.

Just because a report surfaces in the search results of a specific keyword does not mean it will fully answer your questions. This is where your Application Specialist comes in handy. They can help not only clarify context but also offer you valuable insight into the methodology of the report. This means, you gain vital knowledge of how the analyst arrived at the report's results, whether the content is more qualitative or quantitative, and how much content in actually included. Plus, if you have any further questions, your specialist can serve as a liason to publisher analysts through our Publisher Relations department.

3. An opportunity for usage optimization.

One of the greatest benefits of working with an Application Specialist is guidance on optimal usage. Not only will your specialist help you with the basics, like reminding you to log on and tips for improving usage, but they'll also help highlight platform features that offer an added value and work with you to derive the most value from the content available. In addition, they will provide you with on-going training as your company usage grows and as the application undergoes changes and new developments.

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