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Growing Application of Artificial Intelligence in End Use Sectors

Artificial Intelligence and its application are endless. Along with technologies such as machine learning and deep neural network, artificial intelligence can be applicable in different industry sectors to generate maximum output.

Topics: Software & Enterprise Computing Industry Insights

A Global Turning Point for Cancer CAR T-Cell Therapy

The growing prevalence of various types of cancer, especially different forms of lymphoma and leukemia, is expected to support the growth of the global CAR T-cell therapy market during the forecast period.

Topics: Healthcare Industry Insights

The Thriving Market for Electric Vehicles in Last Mile Delivery

Consumer purchasing habits have changed significantly because of the pandemic, and many of us now consider online shopping to be the default option. To address and satisfy the enormous demand for online shopping around the world, faster delivery alternatives and hyperlocal shopping have seen huge growth over the past two years.

Topics: E-commerce & IT Outsourcing Transportation & Shipping Industry Insights

Key Facts About the Global Cloud Kitchen Market

Cloud kitchens are platforms that offer a wide range of foods, drinks, and cuisine items intended for delivery only. The thriving food-delivery ecosystem served as the central pillar for cloud kitchens, also referred to as "ghost kitchens" or "virtual restaurants"—however, different countries follow various terminologies when they define this term.

Topics: Food & Beverage Industry Insights