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What if a Market Research Report Doesn't Answer My Question?

One market research report can answer thousands of questions from hundreds of companies. Catering to a wide variety of needs can even be viewed as one of their most versatile benefits, at least for the publisher. But, when it comes to obtaining specialized information, syndicated reports may not give you the depth and/or specification you need for a particular project. So, in attempts to avoid spending unnecessary time sifting through reports that are too general, or too broad, you are forced to consider alternative market research options.

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The Rise of Middle East Market Research |

Will Market Research spending finally rise in the Middle East? Many marketers are betting that it will as the post-Arab Spring consumer grabs the attention of businesses around the world.

This week’s Arabian Gazette publishes an article quoting the CEO of TNS MENA; he sees the region experiencing high demand as investors try to unlock this new market.  Estimated at a mere $600 million, the Middle East and Africa is one of the smallest regions in relation to the $33.5 billion global market research sector.

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Market Research Finds a Place in Rwanda |

The value of market research has reached the rural communities of central Africa. Microfinance operations aimed at providing banking services to low-income individuals and groups are trying to use market research to better target their clients. Microfinance gives these low-income groups an opportunity to become self-sufficient by giving them and their businesses the means to borrow and save money.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is working with financial institutions specializing in microfinance to train their teams in market research so that they can develop the right products for this growing market. The goal of the program, according to the USAID Rural finance program chief, is to create a more proactive approach in responding to market needs.

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Where can you get good market research reports?

Finding the right market research report for your business can be time consuming and costly. There are an ever growing number of market report vendors online, most of which do not back up their sales with knowledgeable research specialists or customer service. Watch this short video to see how can help you pinpoint the specific and actionable market reports you need.

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Segmenting Market Research in India

Market segmentation is becoming an increasingly important issue in market research and business intelligence in India. Segmentation, as defined in market reports by the Market Research Company India, helps companies identify and pin point the market into groups of potential customers with similar motivations and characteristics.

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