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How to Get a Job in Today's Market Research Landscape

“Big Data” has been quite a buzzword in recent years, but it does have some real world implications for those in the market research industry. As technology evolves, it bleeds into market research and creates both new challenges as well as opportunities. Internet and mobile research have blended with new tools, such as survey applications, and many brands are taking advantage. What does this mean for market research and the professionals that perform it? Will they be pushed to the side, or is there a way for market researchers to adapt and strengthen themselves through these new technologies?

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The Impact of Digital Media & the Web on Market Research

There’s no denying the impact digital media has had on the market research realm. While the Internet has resulted in plenty of positive changes and a significantly increased freedom of information, the sheer amount of data available can be overwhelming. However, there are ways to deal with information overload - ranging from the complex to the extremely simple.

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