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How Technology Is Impacting the Transmission and Distribution Sectors

There are many challenges being faced by the players in the Transmission and Distribution sector at the moment. Not least of these challenges is keeping up with the latest in innovation and technology. With the advancement of the rollout of smart-grid technology and an increasing trend towards distributed generation, the aging grid infrastructure in many countries is holding back development and deployment of the technological capacity we possess. One of the questions asked in this is, who is at an advantage, the large ‘traditional’ OEMs or the smaller innovators.

The T&D networks are continuously evolving in both size and nature. They must grow in order to cope with ever rising demand. In the past it was simply a matter of adding more lines, transformers and ancillary equipment, today the technology of the systems is often able to substitute increased sophistication for physical growth, or to reduce the additions required by making the system more efficient.

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