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Properly Equipped Police Forces Key to Security at National Conventions

The Democrats and the Republicans don’t agree on much, but there is one thing that their conventions have in common: huge requirements for security. The Republican Convention in Cleveland, with controversial candidate Donald Trump expected to secure the party’s nomination, could be especially contentious.

Concerns have intensified after the July 7th death in Dallas of five police officers shot by a sniper during a large public protest and continuing unrest following the shooting deaths of two African American men at the hands of police in Louisiana and Minnesota. With the Cleveland Police Department operating under federal supervision due to a past pattern of excessive force and Ohio being an open carry firearm state, the potential for violence ratchets up even further. And even though the Democratic Convention held later in the month in Philadelphia is expected to be less problematic, security remains a high priority as is the case with any high-profile political event. 

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The Rising Demand for Drones in the Retail Sector

Interest in drones from the retail sector is growing rapidly as competitive pressures push retailers and distributors to develop new ways to make their supply chains more efficient, to automate warehouses, and to reduce delivery costs. Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, recently announced plans to use drones for inventory management in its warehouses. Amazon, the nation’s largest internet retailer, is researching the use of drones to deliver packages to consumers. Global e-commerce giant Alibaba is testing delivery drones in China while DHL is already using drones to deliver packages in Germany.

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