Top 10 Videos by and Our Publishers in 2022

top market research videos and our research divisions Packaged Facts, The Freedonia Group, and Simba Information have released dozens of videos over the past year that feature quick insights into different industries, such as pets, food & beverage, robotics, and solar energy.

Check out ten of our most-viewed videos from 2022 below.

1.) Analyst Interview: U.S. Pet Market Outlook Trends

Join David Sprinkle, Research Director at Packaged Facts, as he interviews David Lummis, Senior Pet Market Analyst, to talk about the key market trends affecting today's $123 billion pet industry.


2.) U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2022-2023

As described in this video, the U.S. pet industry continued its strong advance in 2021, surging 14% overall. 


3.) Global Security Services

Watch this video to learn recent data on the $237 billion global security services industry.


4.) Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots Market

Find out which countries have the highest demand for mobile robots and what categories are expected to register the most growth. 


5.) The Importance of Sustainability in the Food Industry

Long-time Industry Analyst Jennifer Mapes Christ explains how the food industry is working to reduce its environmental impact.


6.) The Future of Electric Heavy Machinery and Equipment

In this video, hear insights from Industry Analyst Gleb Mytko of The Freedonia Group on the advantages of going electric in the heavy machinery and equipment industry.


7.) Labor Shortages

Hear an analyst's perspective on how labor shortages are impacting a wide variety of industries.


8.) Office Coffee Service in the U.S.

Learn how the office coffee service market has held up given the rise of remote work and the impact of inflation. 


9.) Consumer Insights on Snacking & Mealtime Habits, 2022

This video shares the key trends and opportunities in the U.S. market for snacks.


10.) The Rise of Solar Roofing and Energy-Efficient Building Products

In this video, Industry Analyst Matt Zielenski discusses what types of building products will benefit from the push for more sustainability.


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