Telecom Customer Experience Management Trends and Use Cases in 2023

telecom industry represented by cell phone towerCustomer experience in a telco perspective takes on several layers. For instance, it has to span across both wholesale and retail customers and embodies the entire gamut of experiences offered to the customer, be it the retail store experience, the network quality, the telco chat app, or even their customer care function on social media portals.  

The customer experience management criteria therefore are very vast and encompass several different components. All of these play different role during the lifecycle of the telco customer.

 We have broken these down into core areas that telcos need to cover such as:

  • Network quality
  • Service portfolio
  • Call centers
  • Social media interactions

However, at the same time there are several influences that are constantly changing the customer expectation when it comes to their experience. This comes from advancements in tech, the role of internet players, and new services as well. A few of such factors include:

  • Data analytics
  • Automation & AI
  • Collaboration & partnerships
  • Product to consumer
  • Security, control, & transparency

Telco Customer Lifecycle Management & Retention Strategies

The following provide retention strategies at every level of the customer lifecycle particularly for telcos:

  • Customer acquisition or onboarding: This is done through effective marketing campaigns, products and services that address a gap in the market, and effective pricing plans. This enables users to join a particular telco network.
  • Differentiation: Telcos could also demonstrate that they have the best in class network, connectivity, product portfolio, pricing plans, or even device proposition in order to acquire new customers.
  • Introduction of new services and keeping the portfolio fresh: This ensures that the customer is always engaged with the network.
  • Network and service quality: These should be up to the mark; if not, the customer should be informed at regular intervals.
  • Timely updates, enticing incentives: The customer should be quickly updated for any issues occurring, and perhaps if the issue is damaging and the customer is at risk of churning, then the telco could provide incentives for the customer to stay.
  • Ongoing vigilance: Keep a watch for competitive advances in the market that could make established users at risk of churning.
  • Proactive customer care: Ensure that customer care is in touch with at-risk customers and they are offered new plans to ensure that they do not churn.
  • Churn recovery and reengagement: If a customer does move, a follow up should be done and provide opportunities for them to rejoin the service at a later date.

Where to Learn More

For more information on this topic, please see the comprehensive 310-page report by WiseStrokes titled Global Telcos Customer Experience Management Strategies 2023, which provides insights into the CEM strategies of various telecoms and even looks at the trending topics in the area, such as the growing role played by automation and AI. The report talks about the increasing role of digitalization and analytics and offers learnings from ancillary industries like retail and banking.

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