Monthly Recap: Our Top News Headlines from September 2021's trusted research brands Packaged Facts and The Freedonia Group were recently featured in a variety of media outlets and trade publications including Forbes, Retail Dive, TechCrunch, The Motley Fool, Pet Age, Produce Business, and many more.

Read on to see a variety of articles from September that cited our market data and analysis.

Forbes: The Rise of the Homebody: Leveraging Key Pandemic Trends to Drive Your Business CEO Robert Granader describes the rise of the “homebody economy,” which spurred demand in baking, gardening, home improvement, outdoor living, and pets.

Retail Dive: Petco Expands Its Subscription Box Service

The number of U.S. households owning a pet was projected to grow 4% in 2020, according to research from Packaged Facts.

TechCrunch: Outer, D2C Outdoor Furniture Brand, Secures $50M Series B Funding to Spur Expansion and Materials Development

The U.S. outdoor living market is estimated at $33.4 billion in 2021, based on a report by Freedonia.

Cnet: How the Pandemic and Gardening Startups Fed Our Homegrown Cravings

Faced with such unprecedented stress, it's no surprise that just over one in four Americans began growing food at home, according to a Packaged Facts National Online Consumer survey.

The Motley Fool: This Is My Top Growth Stock to Buy in September

Meanwhile, the relative slowdown in Chewy's customer additions last quarter shouldn't be a concern for investors. That's because online sales of pet products account for 30% of the total market in the U.S., according to market-research provider Packaged Facts. 

The Daily News: Blowers, Mowers and More: American Yards Quietly Go Electric

The battery-powered lawn equipment sector is growing at a rate three times faster than gas, according to the Freedonia Group, a division of

Produce Business: Safety and Sustainability Wrapped Up in One Package

Cleveland, OH-based market research firm The Freedonia Group projects demand for corrugated boxes used to package fresh produce will increase 3.3% per year to $2.4 billion in 2024.

Kitchen & Bath Design News: Sales Gains Projected for Bathroom Organization Products

The growing number of bathrooms in U.S. households will continue to bolster opportunities in the $276-million bathroom organization products market, according to a newly released report by the Freedonia Group.

Today’s Veterinary Business: Veterinarians Using Integrative Treatments Are Helping Their Patients Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Fresh, professionally balanced diets are increasing in popularity among pet owners, and these premium options are part of the driving force that is helping the pet food market grow in the U.S., according to market research company Packaged Facts. 

Pet Business: “Other” Pet Market Sees Growth

In the wake of COVID-19, according to a new Packaged Facts report on Fish, Small Mammal, Herptile, and Bird Products, 12.2% of all U.S. households own one (or more) type of pet other than dogs and cats, up from 10.8% five years ago.

Pet Age: What to Expect for “Other Pets”

New pet acquisitions raised ownership levels of pets other than dogs and cats to the highest in a decade for three of the four main “other pet” types, with pet birds being the exception.

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