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Freedonia Group Research.jpgReports produced by’s four publishing divisions — Packaged Facts, the Freedonia Group, Kalorama Information, and Simba Information — are frequently cited in the news media and in trade publications.

Here’s a roundup of recent press highlights for early 2017, covering everything from food & beverage to pets to health care and more. To access additional information about a particular subject, click the link to the report's abstract.

New York Times: The Little Kitchens That Could

“The conventional wisdom would be that up to 90 percent of new packaged food products fail,” said David Sprinkle, research director of and publisher of Packaged Facts. For established brands, he said, the rate is much lower.

The report: 2017 Forecast: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

Forbes: I’m a First-Time Dog Owner, and I Wish I Knew This

“Millennials have become a strong consumer force in the pet market due to their sheer population numbers and the impressive buying power they bring to the table,” said David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts, a market research firm. 

The report: Millennials as Pet Market Consumers

Seattle Times: Something Else to Enjoy with Your Cat: Happy Hour

Over the past 15 years, “the pet market has been transformed by humanization of pets,” said David Sprinkle, the research director at A survey his organization conducted last year found that 62 percent of cat owners (and 64 percent of dog owners) consider their pet to be a part of the family.

The report: U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2016-2017

FoodDive: Is Gluten-Free Still Worth the Investment for Retailers?

According to research firm Packaged Facts, U.S. sales of gluten-free products, estimated at $973 million in 2014, are projected to exceed $2 billion by 2019.

The report: Gluten-Free Foods in the U.S., 6th Edition

MediaPost: It’s Time to Target Hispanic Pet Owners

A recent report from Packaged Facts really caught my attention since there are 20 million Hispanic pet owners in the U.S.

The report: Hispanics as Pet Market Consumers 

Food-Navigator-USA: In the 28 Billion Ice Cream Category, ‘Free From’ Drives Growth

According to retail data company Packaged Facts, “food industry marketers are astutely churning out a variety of healthier, yet still decadent, frozen treats to please modern American consumers.”

The report: Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts in the U.S., 9th Edition

The Gourmet Retailer: Healthy Snacks on the Rise

The snack industry in the United States is as strong as ever, according to a new report, “Snack Food Nutrition Trends: Pulses, Vegetables and Grains in Salty Snacks and Crackers,” commissioned by market research firm Packaged Facts.

The report: Snack Food Nutrition Trends

Pain News Network: Spinal Cord Stimulators Reduce Opiod Use

"Non-medical pain relief is a focus with attention on the dangers of pain medication and the need to find alternatives to reduce chronic pain," said Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information, a research firm that tracks the neuromodulation market.

The report: The World Market for Neurostimulation Devices

Becker's Hospital Review: 50 Things to Know About athenahealth, Cerner, Epic, McKesson & Meditech

Cerner also claims the largest market share in the EMR industry, according to a Kalorama Information report.

The report: The Market for Electronic Medical Records

Weight Loss Surgery Channel: Weight Loss Surgery News – January 8, 2009

Healthcare market research firm Kalorama Information estimates doctors performed 350,000 bariatric procedures in 2009, and that the number of surgeries has increased an average rate of 20 percent each year since 1994.

The report: The Global Market for Medical Devices, 7th Edition Top 6 Trends Impacting CT Market Growth

"Among all medical imaging systems, CT scanners are expected to be the fastest growing imaging equipment segment," said Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information, a health care market research source. "Technological developments in the last decade have made it possible to acquire very high quality images in a very short time." 

The report: Computed Tomography (CT) Markets

Labels & Labeling: Pharmaceutical Label Demand to Top 5 Billion Square Meters

The 8th edition of Freedonia Group’s Global Labels Market report identifies this trajectory as the fastest growth rate among major label markets. 

The report: Global Labels Market, 8th Edition

Window & Door: Correcting Consumer Confusion as Vinyl Grows Up

While perception has more or less remained this way, reality has shifted. Take some recent industry reports: The Freedonia Group recently released information showing vinyl windows and doors can expect the most rapid growth through 2020.

The report: Residential Windows & Doors 

Plastics News: Analysts – Demand for LSR in Medical Driving Growth

Demand for LSR in medical is one of the fastest growing segments of the overall silicones market, according to Kent Furst, an analyst with the Freedonia Group who covers the silicones industry.

The report: World Silicones

China Chemical Reporter: Pharmaceutical Label Demand to Grow Over 7% Annually Through 2020

The Freedonia Group announced that global demand for labels in pharmaceutical applications is projected to increase 7.1% annually to 5.1 billion square meters in 2020, the fastest growth rate among major label markets.

The report: Global Labels Market, 8th Edition

MiBiz: Bottling Equipment Supplier Turns Tragedy into Second Chance for Growth

As a whole, the global packaging industry, which includes the beverage, pharmaceutical and other sectors, is expected to reach $52.5 billion in 2019, a 37-percent increase from $38.2 billion in 2015, according to a report from Freedonia Group, an Ohio-based research firm.

The report: World Packaging Machinery

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