Jennifer Christ’s Keynote Address on Sustainable Packaging at the Ohio Food Industry Summit

CIFT Ohio Food Summit - Jenny Mapes-Christ Keynote 1Jennifer Christ, a long-time analyst and research manager at The Freedonia Group and Packaged Facts, recently gave a keynote address at the Ohio Food Industry Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

With 25 years of experience sizing markets, forecasting demand, and tracking trends, Jennifer has authored more than 90 studies, and her analysis has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and many other industry publications and media outlets.

Her presentation was titled “The Packaging/Packaged Goods Connection: Insights on How Packaging Influences Opportunities in the Food & Beverage Market.” Jennifer noted, “Trends in packaging and packaged food and beverage products are intertwined. Changes in packaging can allow food and beverage processors to address consumer preferences and needs. Similarly, changes in things like how, when, and where people consume their food can influence the type of packaging needed for a given product.”

Drawing on recent industry studies from both The Freedonia Group’s packaging coverage and Packaged Facts’ food and beverage analysis, as well as proprietary consumer survey data from the Freedonia Group and Packaged Facts National Online Consumer Survey, Jennifer discussed a variety of key topics:

  • Defining “sustainable packaging” and optimizing for specific corporate goals
  • Features consumers especially look for when considering sustainable packaging
  • Balancing sustainability goals with cost and functionality
  • Consumer perceptions of the eco-friendliness of various packaging materials
  • Using packaging to reduce food waste
  • How packaging design can communicate a commitment to sustainability, including the use buzzwords on labeling, recycling instructions, third-party certifications, and QR codes
  • Consumer use patterns: understanding how and where people consume food
  • Designing packaging to cater to specific demographics, such as vegetarians & vegans, households with kids, clean-label consumers, and snackers
  • Adapting packaging needs to e-commerce and home delivery

“There is no one perfect packaging solution,” Jennifer explained. “By keeping in mind corporate goals, the importance of function, cost considerations, and their target market, packaged food and beverage suppliers can make the best choice for their needs.”

Where to Learn More

For more information on this topic, please download the free white paper by Jennifer Christ titled "The Sustainability Packaging Paradox: Why the 'Perfect' Solution Doesn't Exist," which features compelling new insights from consumer survey data.

The Sustainable Packaging Paradox: Why the “Perfect” Solution Doesn’t Exist

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