COVID-19 Industry Impact: The Latest Research and Insights

Business  and the financial reports. A workplace of the businessman.The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the global market landscape and consumer behavior. As the recovery begins, many urgent questions remain.

To provide much-needed insights, market research companies have released a variety of new reports that analyze industries affected by COVID-19 and explain key business trends that will shape the recovery. These reports are designed to be a strategic tool to help business leaders navigate shifting market dynamics and identify opportunities during this uniquely challenging time.

Below is just a sampling of recent COVID-19 industry research reports available on that provide useful perspectives and hard-to-find data.

Nine Mega Trends Radically Accelerated by COVID-19

Learn about nine mega trends that are expected to form key growth opportunities for companies in a post pandemic world. These trends touch on a broad range of themes, including growing connectivity needs, the rise of automation, and the emergence of new business models.

COVID-19: The Road to Economic Recovery

This report by GlobalData provides expert insights on the performance of major economies along with updates on macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, inflation, consumer confidence, and industrial production.

COVID-19 Survey: 2020, A Year in Review

The global impact of COVID-19 is summed up in a new report by Euromonitor. Use this report to assess the steps taken by businesses in 2020 to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and pinpoint long-term shifts in consumer behavior. 

Transformative Post-COVID-19 Trends & Growth Opportunities in ASEAN

The pandemic has had positive and negative economic impacts on Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. A new study by Frost & Sullivan outlines economic trends and forecasts for the ASEAN countries and provides a growth opportunity analysis. 

Engaging Millennials and Generation Z in the Coronavirus Era

Engaging Millennials and Gen Z consumers has always been a challenge, but the coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to rapidly redefine their strategies. Euromonitor’s report explains the “four pillars” of engaging millennials and Gen Z and offers unique case studies from Adidas and Rent the Runway.

2021 Predictions — COVID-19 Accelerates CX Investments

Digital transformation has become a priority for many companies working to deliver excellent customer service during the pandemic, according to a new study. Many businesses are investing in new technologies to automate processes and improve the customer experience.

How Coronavirus Has Exposed the Digital Divide

Access to digital technology is ever-more urgent during COVID, but a digital divide exists between urban and rural communities and different socioeconomic groups in both emerging and developed markets. This report explores efforts and policies to improve global connectivity.

COVID-19’s Impact: Acceleration of Automation Amid a Pandemic

This compact study from IDC delves into the impact of COVID-19 on office environments, the surge in remote working, and the increase in automation. The study also provides an executive snapshot and advice for technology suppliers.

COVID-19 Analyst Consensus Drug Sales Forecast

Use this report from GlobalData to understand how COVID-19 has impacted drug revenues in the biopharmaceutical industry. The report is also a helpful resource for identifying partnership opportunities or companies to invest in within the COVID-19 disease space.

COVID-19 Pandemic Ignites Enthusiasm for Virtual Care

The need for social distancing has driven the demand for virtual care such as telehealth and telemedicine. This report covers key drivers, privacy and security concerns, and notable companies in the space.

Five Digital Shopping Trends Surging Due to Coronavirus

Consumer shopping behavior has radically changed due to the pandemic. Analysts at Euromonitor used survey data to explore shifting consumer sentiments, the surge in e-commerce, and the role of emerging technologies. 

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