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Market Research Licenses: How They Really Work

In the world of market research, one of the biggest areas of confusion revolves around licensing.  When I buy a report, who can use it and how can it be used?  This is made even more difficult because the terms one publisher uses can be different from another.  In 2013, we published a blog post to help companies of various sizes and with various budgets determine which license was right for them. Because licensing remains such a complex concept to many purchasers and end users, here is a more in-depth guide to help you understand the complicated maze of market research licensing.

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How Research Specialists Help End-Users Who Lack Purchasing Power

We hear it all the time: "But, I am not the buyer..." One of the most common client misconceptions that I have experienced while working in the market research industry is that the research specialists are only here to help those within the company library or purchasing department find and buy relevant reports. While we do assist clients in this way, there is also a great deal that we can do for those who are using the reports as well, even if you hold no purchasing power.

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When Looking For Research Are You Too Smart For Your Search Engine?

Most people use search engines every day to find everything from movie times to the latest news on particle physics. Despite this frequent usage, professionals looking for research reports in a database of market research sometimes fall victim to their own in-depth knowledge of their particular field. This can make the discovery process a challenging one. So, here is a quick guide on what to do and what not to do when looking for research in a market research database.

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Which Market Research Report: Primary or Secondary?

My name is Rob Kaminsky. As a Research Specialist at, I spend my days (and nights) helping clients find the best marketing research report for their business needs. Clients frequently find multiple reports that seem relevant to their current needs, but are often uncertain which would be the best fit. Choosing the right reports often comes down to the appropriate combination of primary research and secondary research that answers questions they want answered. 

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