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Every day on, we add thousands of new reports, chapters, sections, and tables to keep the collection of industry analysis up to date. While this is a constant feed of valuable information, it is important to note that the power of Profound isn't just in its content collection. Profound is also powered by unique features that allow you to search for reports, view the table of contents, and look for keywords within the reports. These features make Profound the one-of-a-kind product that it is. Today, we have an exciting improvement to our search capability that we believe will make Profound the best business intelligence platform in the industry.

Easy-to-Use, Streamlined Search Interface

Profound search capabilities were traditionally divided into two distinct actions: simple search and the advanced search builder. Simple search lets you execute a keyword search while the advanced search builder lets you build a more complex search on the following filters: industry, company, location, publisher, title, publication date, and more. With our October 2015 release, we are streamlining simple and advanced search functions into one search capability.

We designed the new Profound search interface to be user-friendly and intuitive, as well as more compatible with the various browsers and devices that our clients use. You'll now find that Profound search looks the same whether you are only running a keyword search or adding filters to focus your search. With one interface, it is easy to edit your searches, add or remove filters, sort your results, or further refine with search result navigators.

Guided Tour and On-Going Support 

The first time you log in to use the new search interface, we will offer you a guided tour of the search capability. This will highlight the key things you need to know to maximize your time and budget using Profound to answer your business questions.

As always, we are here to answer your questions and streamline your research process. If you have any questions or comments on Profound, please contact us at: or 1-888-300-6166.

Go to to try out the new search capability. 

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