Market Research Publisher Spotlight: Canadean partners with over 700 publishers to offer customers the most comprehensive collection of diverse business intelligence. Each publisher has its own story and offers unique and insightful perspective into the industries they cover. This week, is spotlighting Fast-Moving Consumer Goods market research publisher Canadean. Read on to learn more about Canadean and their products.


Canadean has a strong heritage and highly respected reputation with Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies for its provision of specialist business information, its historical success stretching back to its founding in 1973, and enhanced by its significant expansion following its acquisition by Progressive Digital Media Group in 2010. This led to an expansion of Canadean’s scope, and the rise of its sub-brands, which cover: 

  • Beer
  • Ingredients
  • Soft Drinks
  • Wines and Spirits
  • Packaging
  • Health and Beauty
  • Foodservice
  • Retail
  • Food

Canadean's rigorous industry and consumer research is supported by insightful value-added analysis, and is widely considered to be the industry leader in the consumer sector.


Canadean has a wide range of trusted industry partners from across the consumer value chain, which is evidence not only of the high esteem in which its research is held by global industry leaders, but also of the breadth and depth of Canadean’s work, which covers:

  • Supplier Industries
  • Producers/ Brand Owners
  • Channels
  • Consumer Insight

By researching markets in a holistic way, Canadean's research methodology enables clients to make informed strategic decisions that are founded on robust and reliable data and market insights.

Whilst Canadean’s history and reputation in the consumer sector is unparalleled, past success means very little in the highly competitive contemporary marketplace. Thus, Canadean is neither willing nor able to simply rest on its laurels and trade on reputation alone, and instead seeks to continually raise the bar for market research in the consumer sector.

This drive to provide compelling, actionable, and industry leading market research has given rise to Canadean’s rigorous methodology – which encompasses internal resources, extensive desk research, market modeling, and the input of its panels of leading industry executives. Consequently, Canadean reports combine research on general industry drivers and trends with expert’s attitudes and behaviors, providing comprehensive market insight that makes required reading for those serious about reacting to market trends and capitalizing on opportunities in their respective markets. 

As Canadean’s research and analysis covers the entire consumer value chain – from suppliers of ingredients and packaging through to the behavior of consumers – it must employ distinct methodologies at each stage to account for their unique characteristics:


After 39 years of delivering real, local insights to consumer companies, Canadean has helped countless customers achieve success and accomplish new business feats through their insights. Amy Lee of Coca-Cola China says, "Canadean helps us to keep abreast of the overall beverage and competitive landscape on a timely basis. Given the fast pace of development, it is paramount for any company who wants to succeed in China."

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Editor’s notes:

The blog post is written by Efstathia Josif, Partnership and Marketing Executive for Canadean.

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