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Jeff's Gray cat sleeping.My name is Jeff Miller and I'm a Research Specialist at MarketResearch.com. Like most cat owners my wife and I have the most awesome cat you'll ever meet. Thirteen years ago my wife peered into a box full of crying kittens and was instantly smitten with this tiny ball of grey and white furr.

Immediately the name came to her: "Grey!" And thus she was named.

For the last 13 years we've been very lucky to have our little companion. A true friend. She's been with us through life's ups and downs and has never asked for anything in return other than fresh food, water and a little lap time.

Then something happened.

Over the course of a few months Grey began to change. It was subtle at first; a little more needy, a little less hungry. But then the changes became more dramatic until we realized that our happy-go-lucky kitty, who charmed everyone she met, was slowly changing into this hyperactive mess who couldn't hold down her meals.

She was miserable. We took her to the vet who suggested a few remedies-changing water more frequently, improving her diet, etc-but despite minor improvements she continued losing weight.

A healthy cat is a happy cat.

Finally we decided to take her back to the vet for blood tests. For Grey, the vet's not so bad. As a matter of fact, she tends to lie there, purring, completely oblivious as they poke and prod in an effort to learn what might be the cause of her illness. And to be honest it's not so bad for us either. It feels good knowing you're doing what you can for the friend that you love.

Afterwards we took her home and awaited the blood test results. A week later we get the call.... Hyperthyroidism. Finally we had a diagnosis to treat! The regime called for prescription pet medication and--much to Grey's delight--more wet food!

We were of course very relieved as this is a very common disease for cats and quite treatable. And while we've only had her on the new program a month, she's already gaining weight and returning to her old self-cute and charming.

Why did I write this particular story? As well as being a Senior Research Specialist, I'm a proud cat owner who wants both consumers and industry folks to understand that the research we sell, the markets you focus on, really come down to the human element-we love our pets. They are, in fact, our family.

Even as I write this, Grey lies on my lap and we share a small knowing glance.

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