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My name is Shauna Loun, and I'm Associate Director of Global Client Support at  As the new year gets underway, we thought it would be a great idea to introduce ourselves and share with you some of the most common questions we receive.

I head a team of dedicated Global Client Support Specialists who are focused on helping you find the business intelligence reports you need when you visit customer service team

Our reports cover dozens of key industry sectors, including technology, consumer  goods, life sciences, and food and beverage. Finding the report you need on any given topic for the average consumer can be a daunting process. This is where my team comes in.

If you have questions about specific reports, such as, what research is available and by which publisher, we are here to help answer those questions.  We are available via phone, email, website inquiry, and by our newest feature, Live Chat. 

We hope that by introducing ourselves here, we'll give you a better idea of how we work and of our comittment to providing smart, timely customer support.  

Here are the top questions our Global Client Support Team-members receive at

Q: How much do the market research reports cost?

A:  The costs vary.  Across all our 22 topic areas (including service industries, heavy industries, and many others) our pricing scale ranges roughly from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand per report.  We own four publishing brands and have partnerships with more than 600 research publishers. The depth of information on a given sector, as well as other factors, help determine the report pricing.

Q: How frequently are the reports updated?

A: That, too, can vary, depending on the topic of a sector. For instance energy is a 'vertical' that might be more subject to fast-changing global dynamics than perhaps the pet food industry is.  Some reports are updated quarterly, others annually, and still others may be updated week by week.  We can let you know the frequency per report, once we work together to identify your specific need.

Q: What is the methodolgy used in preparing the reports available through

A: In general, our publishers employ two main forms of methodology -- primary research and secondary research.  Here is a great post from Rob Kaminsky - one of our Research Specialists -- which explains the basic approaches to market research.

Q: Can I buy just sections or chapters of a single report?

A: We offer a subscription based service called Profound which allows clients to purchase 'slices,' or sections of single reports. This is a great option as it enables customers to stretch their research dollars.

Q: How are the reports delivered?

A: In general, the majority of reports are available by to be downloaded in a pdf format.  We can work with you to isolate the right report and delivery format for your needs. With your first online download purchase, a personal library will be established. You will have 24/7 access to the reports in this library.

Q: What methodology is used to gather the research information for the reports?

A: If we aren't able to answer this question ourselves, we will work directly with our Publisher Relations team to get an answer from the Publishers themselves. Usually, it can take 24-48 hours to gather this type of information.

Q: When I contact Global Client Support, will I be able to speak with an actual person?

A: Yes, we work with customers every day to identify the right report for their needs.  We will answer all your questions as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  Should we need a bit more time to locate specialized information, we will let you know the time that we will get back to you.

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Shauna Loun
Associate Director of Global Client Support

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